Wordament Solver

By Douile (No affiliation to Microsoft or Wordament)

This is a wordament solver written in a combination of C and pure JS, and is designed to solve wordament puzzles in browser as fast as possible

How to use

Type the wordament puzzle into the boxes above, as shown in the wordament game, after the wordlist has loaded the puzzle should be solved in less than 500ms

To view how a word was made click on it in the list and an animation will play showing how to draw the word, this can be repeated as many times as needed by clicking the word again

You can share your solve by copying the url, the board is saved in the part after the #


The points shown in the list aren't acurate

The points shown are an estimation from the average number of points during my testing, accuracy may improve in the future.

A word shown isn't correct / a correct word isn't shown

The wordlist currently being used is all words of length 3 to 16 from the Collins 2012 scrabble dictionary, I am working on getting the official wordament wordlist.

The page isn't working

This page uses WASM which may not be supported in some older browsers (You can check support here) ideally you should use the latest version of firefox or chrome. Otherwise report a bug.

Planned features

Feature you want not here? Suggest a new one (Github account required)


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